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Pet Yang x Reader
You stand outside your cute, busty blonde girlfriend's dorm room. Ruby and Weiss were out watching a movie (you're pretty sure Ruby didn't let Weiss have a choice in the matter), and Blake was being mysterious and gone, and you knew that behind that door was your wonderful pet, lying slightly spread out on her bed. Your mind heated with erotic possibilities, you open the door to see Yang in a tight golden bunny suit. She's got a cotton-ball tail and bunny ears, and her cascade of golden locks is splayed out around her. Her lilac eyes shine in happiness when she notices you, and she unconsciously spreads her toned, nylon-clad legs a bit more. You lie down next to her.
"Hello there~" she says, giggling girlishly. "Are you going to reward your good little pet?" She shakes her breasts a little, smiling widely. You grin back at her and cuddle your pet Yang.
"Have you been extra good?" you say, tickling her sides and smirking. "Because you know what happens when you're not extra, extra good.
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Mature content
RWBY Cocoons 6: Not Afraid to Blake You Out :iconreynarose:ReynaRose 6 10
Sexy Vignette: Blaking the Cycle
Foreword: This story takes place in an alternate universe where the RWBY girls are all daughters of rich families, and within which Remnant more closely resembles our own world. Also, I know some of you would rather have seen the title RWBY Cocoons, Chapter 6: Not Afraid to Blake You Out, but I felt like writing something less involved today.
Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang were no strangers. While their mothers and fathers were off on business trips, they would be thrown together, and largely left to their own devices. Little Ruby and shy, quiet Blake were easy targets for the other girls’ dominant sides, and they would often find themselves helplessly bound and tickled silly. This particular time, though, Blake decided to get some revenge. When Yang and Weiss came from their rooms in their pajamas, fresh from their showers, she grabbed the white-haired girl and put her in an unyielding hold that soon choked her into unconsciousness. Showing surprising tenderness, she then scooped
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RWBY Cocoons, Chapter 5: A Little Problem
"Uhhh... Little problem here?" A naked Yang stood about ten centimeters tall in the middle of the dorm. "I didn't think Weiss's present was a shrinkage machine, Ironwood is more of the overcompensating type." All joking aside, she thought, this really is a problem. Maybe one of the teachers knows what to do? I can't exactly go see them naked, though... Yang's mind flashed to Weiss's porcelain doll collection, her most embarrassing secret, and she began climbing up the side of the desk, making her way to the hidden drawer on the side facing the wall. A strong shove to the paneling, and it popped open, revealing cute little porcelain dolls. Yang climbed inside. "Now, to doll with the real problem... What to wear?"
Yang climbed out of the drawer in a black and white Lolita-style ball gown, hair in a long braid. "Perfect... God this corset is tight, but it looks so good on me!" She climbed back down the desk and lay down in her bra. "Now... I'm guessing Glynda knows how to fix this... But
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RWBY Cocoons, Chapter 4: Yang the Mistress
Weiss and Yang cuddled under the covers- well, Yang cuddled the tape cocoon that contained Weiss, while Weiss sort of lay there, complaining as usual.
"General Ironwood said he was sending me a present for my exemplary performance at Beacon, a cheap attempt to lure me into his harem of "Special Forces" Huntresses, I'm sure, but all I got was a weird machine that doesn't accept standard Dust crystals! Shameful​. Just shameful."
Yang smirked and stroked her captive's hair. "I think I have a solution. We have ourselves a nearly endless source of energy right here with us. Well, not right here exactly, that would be awkward..."
Weiss looked puzzled. "What on Remnant are you talking about? Did Nora spike your coffee again?"
Weiss felt a playful slap on her rear. "Yeep!"
"Ruby, of course!" Yang said. "What part of endless energy don't you get?"
Weiss stammered, embarrassed  at her mistake, until her own discarded panties were stuffed in her mouth and secured by a layer of tape.
:iconreynarose:ReynaRose 10 5
RWBY Cocoons, Chapter 3: Winter's Kidnapping
Winter Schnee had given up much of her prior life when she joined the Atlas Military, but her dignity had persisted. The assault on it that was being kidnapped by burly men and shoved into a sack like so much refuse stung all the more because of her pride, and as awful as her predicament was, being rescued from it was unthinkable. Strapped to the floor of what she assumed was a van, Winter growled into the chloroform-soaked cloth stuffed in her mouth as the men groped her. Thankfully, they hadn't stripped her, but being kidnapped from a tailor's dressing room afforded her little in the way of clothing in the first place. Winter's proud bust was barely restrained by a lacy white bra, and the matching panties were thong-style so as not to show a panty line when she was in uniform, leaving plenty of skin for the men to molest. Winter was dizzy from the chloroform and the lingering effects of the sleep dart, so against her will, she drifted off...
Winter awoke hanging from the
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Mature content
RWBY Cocoons, Chapter 2: Neopolitan :iconreynarose:ReynaRose 12 5
RWBY Cocoons, Chapter 1: Kali Belladonna
Kali Belladonna was no stranger to being restrained. Her boyfriend certainly bound, gagged, and otherwise encased her enough to satiate her desires. However, being restrained by a sticky spiderweb was a new, and not entirely pleasant, experience for her. Her limbs were entangled in the unyielding strands of her captor's design, and to make matters worse, she was wearing nothing but a bunny suit. Seeing as the spider hadn't shown up for awhile, Kali had some time to think, and her thoughts kept treading over how everything had gone wrong in the last few hours...
Kali slipped into the black bunny suit, pulling the fishnet tights up her smooth legs before stepping into the black corset teddy. Technically, she thought, it's a kitty suit. Though she had no need for fake ears, a fake tail stuck out from her behind. The last piece of the outfit was a pair of black high heels, which hurt her feet to wear. Once she was fully dressed in the tight suit, she walked out into the club.
:iconreynarose:ReynaRose 17 6
My OC List (Roleplays are open and welcome!)
Normal Life OCs
Me (Not technically an OC, but I RP as myself enough that I'm going on this list): A biology student with a (not-so) secret kinky side. I'm a switch, liking to dominate and be dominated, and bisexual. I've got dark hair and square-frame glasses, and I loooove leotards, one-piece swimsuits, and sukumizus. I want to be a biology researcher, but I also enjoy English. I'm a rather tiny girl, and I take good care of my feet.
Suki (Not my old friend Suki, Suki the OC who is named after her): A timid, curvy Asian girl with a long curtain of black hair. She likes bunnies and bunny suits, but is very timid and won't readily admit how submissive she is. She's bisexual, like all of my OCs (easier that way) and doesn't have a dominant side, but she's okay with having her feet played with. Her best friend is Kyra.
Kyra: A well-endowed blond synchronized swimmer with bright blue eyes. She's outgoing, cocky, and playful, but enjoys being dominated despite this. She's another switch an
:iconreynarose:ReynaRose 6 28
Swimsuit Damsels, Chapter Two: Lalia's Laughter
ReynaRose (Muh XD) as Reyna, Lilith, and Lalia 
XxSgtCampbell as Shane
Pringlesharky as Autumn
DaedricHalberd as Mina
SilverLilly237 as Lilly
TheScarletHuntress as Scarlet 
DarkShaquille as Shaquille 
YamoChan as Yamo
AlistairValentine as Alistair
SpiderWeber as Dallas
Its-Yo-Boy-Gir as Alana
Dutch-Pidgeot as Magnusson
I wake up to the sound of my bondage being torn away. Shane's handsome face is there to greet me as he pulls me out of the bag and undoes the ropes restraining me, scooping me up into his arms. He sets me down in a minivan, then goes back to free the other girls. The driver turns around, smiling warmly. "Hey, I'm Magnusson," he says. "I'm Shane's buddy."
"H-hi..." I blush at being half-naked, even though Magnusson seems nice enough. The other girls pile in. Mina and Autumn take the back, sitting next to me and cuddling. Lilith and Lalia sit next to the minivan's doors, and Alana, who appears to be Magnusson's girlfriend, is in the front in a kitty-cu
:iconreynarose:ReynaRose 3 17
Swimsuit Damsels, Chapter 1: Pool Party Kidnapping
ReynaRose (Muh XD) as Reyna, Lilith, and Lalia 
XxSgtCampbell as Shane
Pringlesharky as Autumn
DaedricHalberd as Mina
SilverLilly237 as Lilly
TheScarletHuntress as Scarlet 
DarkShaquille as Shaquille 
YamoChan as Yamo
AlistairValentine as Alistair
Shane carries me bridal-style up the steps of Scarlet's mansion, setting me down at the doors. "I'll find us a bedroom," he says, winking. Ever since our arrangement as photographer and model blossomed into boyfriend and girlfriend, we'd become even more physical than we were in our "photography sessions". He'd picked out my baby blue sukumizu, gently dressing me in it and tying my hair into a ponytail, before taking us to Scarlet's pool party. His swim trunks were black with light blue accents, a show of affection that wasn't lost on me. I kiss him on the cheek and walk inside. "I want to swim first..." I sashay a little to emphasize "first".
Mina and Autumn arrived before we did, wearing matching pink bunny suits. They
:iconreynarose:ReynaRose 5 16
Wrapping Up the Pain
I run out of the village, dodging thrown rocks and bottles as my bare feet are scraped by hard earth. My wolf ears are assailed by the roar of the mob. My instincts carry me into the forest, where I nestle into the earthen hollow beneath a giant oak. I pull rotting leaves and branches over myself, hearing the mob fan out into the darkness with their crackling torches. My heart is pounding as tears stream down my face, and I have to bite my lip to keep from screaming as a tiny spider crawls into my blouse. Eventually, the crowd returns to their village, satisfied the danger is over. As if I were any danger to them… I knew I never should have shown Saito my wolf parts… but it’s too late to do anything now but cry.
I don’t remember falling asleep, but when I wake up, it’s the middle of the night, and a strange female voice caresses my ears.
“I can make the pain stop…”
“Who are you?” I call out.
“Follow the silk threa
:iconreynarose:ReynaRose 5 9
RWBY: Cocoon Bondage RPs :iconreynarose:ReynaRose 9 2 XxSgtCampbell's Christmas Present :iconreynarose:ReynaRose 26 40 RWBY Maid RP Hub :iconreynarose:ReynaRose 29 24 RWBY Yuri RP Hub :iconreynarose:ReynaRose 51 17


Cammy: Bound and Bootiful (Commission) :iconlady-of-mud:Lady-of-Mud 117 27 Chloe and Lumina :iconriverangel16:RiverAngel16 4 4 annyeong :iconhyumzi:Hyumzi 119 19 Korrasami wedding :iconvoena:Voena 182 17 Taped Open-chest Sweater :iconjitan777:jitan777 936 27 Ms. Baker Kidnapped :iconjitan777:jitan777 955 18 Ganging Up :iconjitan777:jitan777 518 14 Junko Hogtie :iconinkusensei:InkuSensei 39 1 Captured Little Witches :iconjitan777:jitan777 371 8 Mia :iconcodeman52490us:codeman52490us 9 11,060 Maliha :iconcodeman52490us:codeman52490us 5 981 Nissa :iconcodeman52490us:codeman52490us 3 20 Aliel :iconcodeman52490us:codeman52490us 5 51 Knight Girl Captive :iconbdluv:BDLuv 57 10 Captive Mermaid in Glass Case :iconmikejaysmith:mikejaysmith 31 0 Hypno Lord and the Lucky Rabbit :iconhypnolordx:HypnolordX 34 0



Would you rather have my next story be:

1) RWBY Cocoons, Chapter 7: The Wolf and the Spider

2) A tickle/foot fetish ship fic (if this one, please say what ship)

3) An alien abduction story with plenty of bondage and invasive experiments

4) Comment with your own suggestions
You stand outside your cute, busty blonde girlfriend's dorm room. Ruby and Weiss were out watching a movie (you're pretty sure Ruby didn't let Weiss have a choice in the matter), and Blake was being mysterious and gone, and you knew that behind that door was your wonderful pet, lying slightly spread out on her bed. Your mind heated with erotic possibilities, you open the door to see Yang in a tight golden bunny suit. She's got a cotton-ball tail and bunny ears, and her cascade of golden locks is splayed out around her. Her lilac eyes shine in happiness when she notices you, and she unconsciously spreads her toned, nylon-clad legs a bit more. You lie down next to her.
"Hello there~" she says, giggling girlishly. "Are you going to reward your good little pet?" She shakes her breasts a little, smiling widely. You grin back at her and cuddle your pet Yang.
"Have you been extra good?" you say, tickling her sides and smirking. "Because you know what happens when you're not extra, extra good..."
"Ehehahahah!" Yang squirms a little. "Yehehehess, I knohohohohow!"
You pick up her cute, soft feet, whose sensitivity grew from being sheltered in thick boots and socks, and bind her ankles and knees together with a roll of tape you pull from your messenger bag before tickling them through her tights. Yang bites her lip and squirms, but then lets out a stream of high-pitched giggles.
"Kyahahahahahahaha! Gahahahahahahad yohohohour'e ehehehehehehevil!" She reaches down to push you away, but her wrists are ensnared in tape due to your quick reflexes. You pull her legs through the circle made by her bound arms, grateful for her flexibility, leaving her with her arms behind her back. Flipping her over, you bind her elbows with more tape, then tie her wrists to her ankles in a restrictive hogtie.
"Ah~" Yang says, squirming to test her bonds and finding them satisfactorily tight. "I can't move at all, love! But you did say I would get rewarded for being extra good..."
"And you never proved it to me..." you respond. "So, sweetie, how have you been good today?" You rub her bottom tenderly, patting it every so often, much to Yang's delight. Her face flushed and her breathing heavy, she responds as best she can.
"Ohhhh... I paid attention in class all day-" You give her a little spank- "Kya! And I didn't make fun of Weiss-" You follow it up with another playful spank- "Eeep! And- and-" She's clearly too flustered to speak clearly, which only excites you even more. You trace a finger down her butt crack, playing with the tail of the bunny suit.
"I don't think you've been good enough, sweetie," you say. "I think you need some reeeeeal punishment~" You give your pet a nice hard spank that makes her squeal. "How about some nice, tight, constricting bondage?" At this point, Yang can't even form words anymore, simply nodding with a deep red blush on her cheeks. You pull the tape off her and massage the stinging skin beneath them, taking a tube of lotion out and rubbing her with it. Yang sighs in pleasure, relaxing a little.
"Will I get that tight bondage now?" she says cheekily, and you spank her again.
"Patience..." you say, pulling out a black latex sack from your messenger bag and setting it on the bed. Yang's purple eyes light up.
"You're giving your pet a sleepsack!?" She slips herself into it, worming her legs down inside  and tucking her arms into the restraining sleeves sewn inside it.
"Eager little bunny~" you say, zipping it up. She's encased in latex from the neck down now, the tight sleepsack accentuating her curves, pushed up by her large breasts and out by her wide hips. You fit her with a ball gag, tying it in place. Then, you place a gas mask over her face, strap it down, and zip the sack's hood up over her head. Blind, deaf, and helpless, your busty bunny pet squirms helplessly, only to remind herself how helpless she is. You squeeze her chest through the latex cocoon and set out a harness of straps, rolling her over onto it.
"Mmmmppphhh?" she says, not sure what you have in store for her. Not bothering to say something she won't hear, you instead give her a domineering squeeze on her tight ass, and a playful spank to follow it up. The latex hugs her so tightly, it slips into her butt crack, which you tease with your finger, tickling and stroking between the toned butt cheeks you're still grabbing and slapping. She starts to buck and writhe, but you hold her down.
"MMMMMPPPPPHHHHHH MMMMMMPPPPPHHH MMM-MMMMPPPHHH!" Yang arches her back to grind against your hand, but you pull away.
"Naughty little bunny~" you say, kissing her latex-coated neck. You then strap her into the harness, tightening the straps around her sleepsacked body until they can't squeeze any tighter. They encircle her breasts, pushing them up and out, constrict her waist until breathing is nigh impossible, and squeeze her butt, riding up her crack as well. Her legs and arms have virtually no freedom now, doubly bound, and she can't even control her own breathing, owing to the gas mask being the only source of air she has in her tight latex prison. Though you can't see the sexy pet you call your love, her frantic wriggles of pleasure tell you all you need to know. You snuggle up to your latex bunny, pulling her into you as the little spoon to your big one. Though she can't hear the person she's happy to call Master, she knows the words you whisper next to her latex-wrapped ear.
"I love you, Yang Xiao Long."
And though she couldn't speak, you swore you could hear her saying, "I love you too."
Anyone want me to do a Yang x Reader story? I have a lot of stuff to do for RWBY cocoons chapter 7, and this might tide y'all over~?
Spiders with a taste for sexy Huntresses have invaded Beacon :3

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Blake, Coco, and Velvet were cleaning up after their little game with Yang, stark naked and tied up in rope hogties. Coco's scarf was tied over her eyes, and Velvet had Blake's bow cleave gagging her with the cat Faunus' panties stuffed in her mouth. Blake was gagged with Yang's hot pants and a layer of tape. They all lay on the floor of Team CFVY's bedroom, with the door locked, and Yatsuhashi and Fox were out training for the time being. Blake, however, was unperturbed. She replaced herself with an ice clone that melted out from under the hogtie, and gave Velvet a little pat on her bottom.
"I've got a little bunny and a feisty fashionista, all tied up for me... now, what shall I do with you?" Blake whispered into the girl's bunny ear, rubbing her behind slowly and sensually. Velvet let out a little moan, squirming as much as she could in the restrictive bondage.
"Such a bad little bunny..." Blake whispered. "I think you need a little nap..." Blake plugged Velvet's nose with tissues and covered her mouth and nose with duct tape. The bunny faunus thrashed around frantically, gasping for breath that would never come, looking pleadingly at her captor until she fainted. Blake took the plugs out of her slave's nose and sauntered over to the leader of Team CFVY, humming to herself.
"Those little squeals you heard were Velvet struggling to breathe after I plugged her nose and mouth," Blake whispered. Coco let out a little growl, but Blake silenced this by a pinch to the brunette's nipples. "And you're next." She rigged up the girl with the same suffocating bondage and waited for her struggles to subside, tweaking her nipples and rubbing her butt crack all the time. Once both Huntresses were unconscious, Blake rummaged through their dressers, selecting some clothing far more appropriate for her little slaves...

Velvet woke up wrapped in clear plastic, dressed in a brown bunny suit that was far too tight, restricting her waist and forcing the thin layer of fat in her midriff into her breasts and buttocks, which were already padded inside the suit. Her breasts were easily DD, and her behind was just as prominent, but her breathing was nowhere near as generous to her. A penis panel gag was strapped into her mouth and wrapped over with tape, and she hung upside down from the ceiling. Coco was in a similarly body-shaping bunny suit, but instead of plastic wrap, she was bound in scarves. A scarf cleave gag and cocoon kept her helpless, as she hung from the ceiling next to her friend. Of course, she couldn't see any of this like Velvet could; a scarf tied around her eyes saw to that. Blake had fitted both the girls with inflatable butt plugs as well as vibrator eggs on both their nipples and their womanhoods, which turned on soon after they regained consciousness. They began to squirm again, fighting with what little breath they had to escape, but their bondage was immutable, and with waves of forced pleasure rocking their bodies, they couldn't struggle for long before succumbing to the ecstasy. Through the haze of oxygen deprivation and arousal, Velvet noticed that Blake was nowhere to be seen, which terrified her. If their new Mistress had abandoned them, how would they escape before blood rushing to their head took their lives? Resigned to her fate after her struggles proved fruitless, Velvet closed her eyes and waited for the end to come...

Blake had been there to save her captives once they came, passed out, or both, but she had been captured as well. Not long after she had dressed herself in a slick black long-sleeved leotard and finished the busty brunettes' cocoons, she had been bitten on the back of the neck by a spider. She moved to swat it off, but all of a sudden, her strength had deserted her, as had her Semblance. Spiders began to pour out of the ventilation systems, from under the desks and beds, and out of the dresser drawers, all climbing onto the Huntress. Each began spinning a line of silk from her body up to one of the bunk beds in the dorm, lifting her helpless body into the air on a sticky hammock, and then crawled back to her body. The arachnids began weaving a tight cocoon around her bare legs, forcing them to overlap under the sticky, uncomfortable silk encasement. While some coated her feet in the restrictive white shroud, others worked up her buttocks, pushing her thick, round derriere up and out. Given the low back of her garment, the tops of her butt cheeks were exposed. A spider slipped down her butt crack and crawled insider her entrance, and another invaded her behind. They began to pump eggs into her, turning her into an incubator for their offspring as her entrances and crack were filled up with more silk. Blake was ashamed at how easily she'd been captured by such small creatures, and even more so at how they were violating her, but she found herself a little damp between her legs at the bondage and humiliation, and her nipples pushed out the clinging fabric of her leotard. Silk weave corseted her waist tightly enough to make her light-headed, accentuating her figure into a perfect hourglass while spiders wove lines around and between her pert, fat breasts to force them up and out. The low neckline of the leotard exposed the tops of her breasts, forcing her stiff nipples up to the edge of the skintight fabric. Spiders crawled inside the leotard and pushed it down to expose them, silk holding the fabric back. Leaving her breasts exposed, the spiders pinned her arms behind her back with restrictive webbing while more threads encircled her neck. Her mouth was quickly flooded with gooey silk that poured into the back of her throat, making it even harder to breathe, and then covered in layers of webbing. Spiders coated her face in more and more silk with each pass, closing her eyes and plugging her ears before webs deprived her of her senses. As the top of her head was sealed in, she found her strength coming back, but before she could do anything, she felt the spiders inside her excreting more fluid that began to sap it again. She was a helpless package now, nothing but an incubator for these spiders' eggs, which continued to fill up her insides, pushing her tummy out slightly. As she lay there, consumed with regret, worry, and ashamed arousal that soaked the silken plug in her special place and hardened her exposed nipples, she began to feel drowsy, and the spiders' toxins soon put her into a deep sleep...
RWBY Cocoons 6: Not Afraid to Blake You Out
This one took forever to write, but I had a free couple of hours for the first time in a few days, so I decided to try and make up for the days I wasn't responding to RPs. I hope you all like it, and I'm happy to say that requests for chapters 7-10 are open again! ^_^
Universe: Sword Art Online
Name: Princess Lalia
Appearance: Wears a golden tight-laced corset/strapless leotard and yellow hobbleskirt, with long yellow gloves and tights. Her shoes are golden ballet flats. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, and is petite yet very curvy. Her skin is pale and creamy.
Personality: Shy and submissive, but devious and clever.


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I like being tickled, but I don't want to ask anyone I know at school. Not that they don't already think I'm weird.


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